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Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

A Small Sanctuary

I have three small children, which means that my house is pretty much at some level of chaos – laundry, toys, dishes, crumbs, papers – stuff in every direction. I don’t do very well with chaos like this. My idea of order is things put in their place – within reason. Overall, I tend to have a cluttered or “lived in” house, which is fine. But there are certain things that if not tended to make me vibrate just a little bit.

But life is what it is and I don’t always get to those things that keep the order that I crave. I’ve found, however, that a made bed can somehow be a small sanctuary. Making our bed in the morning leaves a single, peaceful spot in our room that somehow centers me. I can sit on the bed, read, take a couple of minutes to pray and enjoy the crisp, neatness on this floating island in the middle of my room. (Never mind the ever present laundry baskets just out of view or the cluttered dressers.)

While this is a physical place that I can retreat to, I need, want and crave that spiritual place of rest also. That rest for my soul. I need to take the time to pause, to pray, to put all into perspective and to not let the swirling, whirling, fast moving world overtake me.

So I go to this sanctuary with Jesus. He is the source of my calm and peace during all parts of the day, not just at the end where I can return to my small sanctuary with Jerry and rest in his arms.

What is your small sanctuary?


Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm here in my little corner of southeastern Michigan observing relationships, family, and the world hoping to dig deeper and find the divine spark in it all. Thanks for visiting!

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