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Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

On Wearing a Cross

For many years, I wouldn’t wear a cross.  I knew plenty of people who did – gold,
silver, large, small.  But even though I’ve
been a Christian for as long as I have memories, I couldn’t do it.  I grew up in the age of Madonna and her
over-the-top-cross-in-your-face image (among many others during that time) turned
me off to the public display of crossdom. 

It seemed to me that many wore the cross as a contradiction to
their own behavior.  They behaved and
spoke as those who really didn’t understand what the cross meant.
For myself, I thought that if I couldn’t represent Christ
well with my behavior, then I should not wear one.
  So I didn’t. 
My own judgment of others and myself put my faith in a box and hidden
away from others.  

Years later, my husband bought me a beautiful yellow gold
and diamond cross necklace.  Not too big
to be gaudy, not too small to be hidden. 
This cross made a statement – but I wasn’t sure I knew how to wear that
statement and be sincere.  Before I wore
it, I thought, “Will I be on my best behavior today?” If the answer was no, it
went back into the jewelry box.  I had
bought into the lie that as a Christian, I should somehow be perfect now that I
knew Christ.  

I wore it here and there. 
After a while I found, that the more I studied the Bible, the more I
realized that Jesus sought out the imperfect ones – the ones who were rejected
by society, imperfect – the “tax collectors and sinners” and in that cross,
something that represents pain, suffering, and the ultimate torture to death
could be turned into something beautiful – gold and diamonds – and our freedom
from what we really deserve.

So I started wearing that cross – hoping that somehow the
thin, light metal would somehow weigh down and burn into my chest reminding me
of my flaws and how Jesus accepts me anyway – making me the ugly
  I’m not perfect and I never
will be and maybe everyone I have ever seen wear a cross has it on to remind
them that without that cross, they remain ugly, but with it on them – burning into
them they become beautiful and in this brokenness, represent who Christ really


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