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Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

An Artist’s Life

Today we took the kids to the Glass Academy for the Pumpkin Fest. We walked around looking at the beautiful, exquisitely designed glass pumpkins and other items. Every direction we saw pumpkins – unique, sparkling, vibrant. At the demonstration area we watched the artisans creating one-of-a-kind pumpkins commissioned by people in the audience. Two of the pumpkins they created in about 10-15 minutes. One included several colors using a twirling technique resulting in a finish entitled “Van Gogh”. Each piece carefully and quickly crafted giving onlookers the sense that their creation was effortless.

My Glass Pumpkin

As we watched the craftsmen at work, a calm, peaceful energy settled over us as they skillfully maneuvered the glass. The last piece created was a sizable pumpkin lamp. The craftswoman noted that the glass is so heavy and unwieldy that three people are needed to make such a grand piece. There were points during the process where we were convinced the glass may fall, but the artists were calm and quick and nothing was lost. Thirty minutes later, the piece was complete – breathtaking and iridescent in the light.

The satisfaction and joy on the artisans faces is what I remember the most. The pride in creating something exclusive to that moment that another will truly treasure and enjoy.

Our culture today paradoxically praises the arts, but doesn’t want their children to make a profession in them. We are all told to go college, get a marketable degree (whatever that is), and go out and sell our soul for the almighty dollar. True artists starve, it seems or are forced to work underground or on the side. Artists never fully realize their artistic bent and miss their chance to impact their world. Why do we tell our children to follow this model?

My oldest daughter is an artist and writer and my prayer is that I am able to encourage her to stick with these gifts in her career. I pray that God gives her the desires of her heart, to make an impact on the world through her art, that the money will come together in unconventional ways. Maybe this is reckless, but I believe that if she lives for God, it is reckless anyway with the benefit that He will hold her in His hand through the process.


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