Introspective Insights

Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.


My 63 year old dad graduated from college recently. He always wanted to go to college and here he was cap and gown on, first to walk across the stage – me and sister and mom cheering loudly. He has overcome so much, especially in the last year. And when I look at it and think that everything he has ever accomplished was through hard work and sweat and mental anguish and never giving up and do I really know how to live my life that way? He – selflessly giving to us in the only way he knows how – work, hard work, repetitive, head-down work. He – fighting his own demons and falling down but always, always getting back up.

And have I truly learned it yet? That it is the everyday commitment, the grind, the still, small effort that makes the difference and not the lightening bolt moment.

Words Matter

This theme keeps washing over me, running into me, terrifying me, and comforting me – words matter, words matter. I hear it echoing to me when I tell Jerry I love him, when I tell the kids that I delight in them, when I cry out to God. Those are peaceful words, comforting words, exciting words. But when my heart races in anger, my words hurt, cause fear, elicit tears. And I know I can’t take them back, because they have weight and power and I can only try to regain the ground I’ve lost and repair the pain. But those words, they matter and they stick and splinters of them permanently attach to those in their path.

Words matter – use them to greet a stranger – maybe you are the first person they talk to today.
Words matter – use them to compliment – we all could use a positive word.
Words matter – use them to pray – isn’t that the power all of us have to truly change the world?
Words matter – use them for verbal peace and over time, those actions follow.
Words matter – think before you wield them, use them wisely, for good, for love.

Words matter.