Introspective Insights

Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

Dare to Reflect – In Reflection is Life

I write out of my weakness, it defines me, the inability to reflect on life. In that weakness I write to discover the divine thread, the God-leading words, the gratitude for the mundane. When I do not write, I am restless and lost, forgetting what I’ve learned, where I’ve been and from where I have […]

31 Days

I don’t easily become emotional, but there are a few movies that get me every time. At the end of Night at the Museum, the director of the museum fires Larry the night guard and as he is walking him out and sees multitudes of patrons walking in, he silently hands Larry his keys and […]

Perspective Changed

My husband is a sweetie and indulges me with jewelry whenever he can. Every once in awhile, I need to get my jewelry repaired or resized. It is then that I get the chance to wear items I don’t usually wear. As I put on my original wedding set, I am reminded of the first […]

Fighting The War

Writing for me is mostly cathartic – a way to heal and reflect and move on. But today, I can’t put together any words that resolve my angst, worry or pain. This human condition we face lends itself to negativity and loneliness and aching. And some days, you just can’t put a spin on that. […]

Dreaded Mondays

Mondays – I don’t like them either. It seems as though the days start late and rough and there is more rushing and crabbiness than necessary. Getting through the day is a challenge – catching up on laundry, picking up the pieces of the house after the weekend, making phone calls and to do lists. […]

Tell Me Something Good

I’m tired, y’all, just tired. I’ve been listening to you talk about your husband / kids / friend / sister and if I’ve met them before, my opinion is starting to slide and if I’ve never met them I’m convinced that I don’t want to anymore. And it’s because of that one sided story you’ve […]

What a Bird Taught Me About Complaining

Winter in southeast Michigan brutally assaulted us this year. A constant barrage of snow storms, extremely cold temperatures combined with repeatedly negative windchills have left us housebound and generally at a loss for what to do next. Plans constantly changing, roads icy and impassable, cancellations and structure thrown about. Everywhere I look or listen, I […]

Holding on to Gratitude

Thanksgiving was a couple of days ago here in the United States and I’ve discovered that with each passing year, this holiday becomes more and more my favorite.  Most other holidays have a commercial component to them now and each one involves gifts except for Thanksgiving.   Even though each year Thanksgiving grows on me on […]

When God Changes Our Plans

The last few weeks have been taxing.  Kids have been sick, the weather has been stinky and I’ve had my fair share of waiting on things unmanageable and unrestrained.  I’m a planner and when plans go askew due to forces out of my control, I become undone.  In the past, this moved me to anger, […]

The Last Day

Yesterday was the last day of my 30’s.  For months I have thought about this birthday and what it means for my life.  I’ve joked with others saying that I’m planning my “mid-life crisis”.  I’ve considered what outlandish thing I could carry out to celebrate this new phase in my life.  It seems that today […]