Introspective Insights

Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

Learning To Love

In the last couple of weeks, God has put people in my path that are challenging. Challenging to the way I think, do life, and my perception of what is right and wrong. While this feels like something new, the reality is that God has done this throughout my life. Last week, he presented me […]

Little Helping Hands

As early as 18 months, I started letting the kids help me bake. Little hands measured, stirred, scooped, and spread. As much as I wanted them to help, it was also a source of irritation for me. I started each baking session with my extra patience on and sometimes it ran out before we finished. […]

Tell Me Something Good

I’m tired, y’all, just tired. I’ve been listening to you talk about your husband / kids / friend / sister and if I’ve met them before, my opinion is starting to slide and if I’ve never met them I’m convinced that I don’t want to anymore. And it’s because of that one sided story you’ve […]

Love Personified

I keep listening to the Jars of Clay song Skin and Bones from the Inland album which speaks of love being people – both the object of love and the action of love.  Recently I read that love is a person and his name is Jesus.  This means that love is not a feeling or […]

Labyrinth + A Snake = God’s Heart

I took a walk yesterday – in a garden – alone (except for the snake) – isolated in the woods.  All things about that statement pretty much terrify me.  I’m not a nature gal, but appreciate it.  I’m rarely alone…so much so that my ears ring when it is quiet.  And snakes – don’t get […]

When We Begin

This past weekend I was privileged to participate in a spiritual retreat – Good News Via de Cristo.  It was an amazing experience that I recommend to all Christians.  This poem was my response to one of the talks where God’s love for us was described so beautifully.  When we begin, God is there. Watching, […]

Bread & Wine Book Review

One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, just wrote a new book – Bread & Wine – A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes.  When I heard that I could get an advanced copy and write a book review, I was ecstatic and jumped at the chance!  My best, brightest, and most […]

To My Zachary

Yesterday you turned 5 – five, five, five.  I can’t believe that half a decade has passed since I first held you in my arms.  Your older sister taught me to be a mother.  But you – you taught me how to love as a mother.  Pushing you out was one of the most excruciatingly […]

The Afterward

Christmas is over…New Year’s ball is dark…kids are sleeping.  The hoopla and preparation of the last several weeks has drawn to a close.  Every year I look forward to this time of year and when it is here and gone the inevitable sadness creeps up on me.  I thought I was smart this year by […]

My Christmas Gift

With Christmas still around us in our eyes, ears, and mouths and the hope of Epiphany looming ahead, I present a guest post along those themes from my sister, Rachel Miller.  Like years past I spent the last several weeks planning and plotting and watching for sales and shipping deals in order to find the […]