Introspective Insights

Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

Seeking the Light

I recently wrote a post for my church’s blog. Read the introduction here and click on over to check out the full post. There is a mourning, a fog of sadness that covers me when I take down the Christmas decorations. For five weeks the sparkling silver, red, and green have overtaken our house. Lights […]

Hidden Gems

I recently drove up north with my sister for the weekend. The leaves had not yet changed color in our area, but I was hoping to see glimpses of yellows and reds peeking out here and there along the way. On the way there, I distinctly remember passing a valley of trees shining in the […]

Autumn Peak

It is nearly fall color peak here in southeast Michigan and the leaves are breathtaking – oranges and reds and yellows of all combinations. I’m often shocked at the appearance of color in a tree that I pass daily during the summer when it blended seamlessly into the sea of green. Brilliant hues are my […]

Songbird Surprise

One of our fall family traditions each year is walking through the local nature center to see the changing leaves and observe wildlife. Each year we see something new and one of our favorite activities is feeding small songbirds along the path. We put seed in our hands and stand as still as we can […]

Autumn Darkness

Summer used to be my favorite season, but as I grow older, fall has become my new favorite. Fall feels like every season rolled into one – bright, sunny, warm, cold, dry, wet, gray, tumultuous, impossible to predict. The crispness felt in the evening and morning, met by the impossibly orange sun warming us, coldness […]

What a Bird Taught Me About Complaining

Winter in southeast Michigan brutally assaulted us this year. A constant barrage of snow storms, extremely cold temperatures combined with repeatedly negative windchills have left us housebound and generally at a loss for what to do next. Plans constantly changing, roads icy and impassable, cancellations and structure thrown about. Everywhere I look or listen, I […]

Holding on to Gratitude

Thanksgiving was a couple of days ago here in the United States and I’ve discovered that with each passing year, this holiday becomes more and more my favorite.  Most other holidays have a commercial component to them now and each one involves gifts except for Thanksgiving.   Even though each year Thanksgiving grows on me on […]

Labyrinth + A Snake = God’s Heart

I took a walk yesterday – in a garden – alone (except for the snake) – isolated in the woods.  All things about that statement pretty much terrify me.  I’m not a nature gal, but appreciate it.  I’m rarely alone…so much so that my ears ring when it is quiet.  And snakes – don’t get […]

Sounds of Summer

The last couple of weeks have been agreeable and cool enough to have the air conditioning off and windows open.  I love this time of year – mid August – sounds throughout the day and night – creaking crickets, chirping birds, clicking bugs.  These outside sounds enhance the rhythm of our days inside and about.  […]

When It Is Dusk

I’m sneaking away from bedtime for a moment…two little girls aren’t ready to quiet down yet.  And I’m looking outside at this hot summer day ending…orange light reflecting on green leaves and baking on orange bricks and turning burnt grass to gold and trying to soak in the last of this day.  When it is […]