Introspective Insights

Introspective - adj: Examining sensory and perceptual experiences. Insight - n: The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.

Being the “Fat” Mom

Today’s post is from Caty Dearing who blogs over at Caty is wife to Justin and mom to K and is a high school English teacher where she loves her job and says that it motivates her to be awesome every day. Caty’s blog is a safe space for her and her readers to […]

Tell Me Something Good

I’m tired, y’all, just tired. I’ve been listening to you talk about your husband / kids / friend / sister and if I’ve met them before, my opinion is starting to slide and if I’ve never met them I’m convinced that I don’t want to anymore. And it’s because of that one sided story you’ve […]

Kid Fog

I’m having trouble right now – trouble making goals, realizing dreams and generally completing projects. For years, I worked in corporate America everyday – finishing projects on time or ahead of schedule and always looking for ways to learn and improve. For nearly three years I have been home and somehow I’ve lost my ability […]

Captured Thoughts

I’m avoiding writing. Days slip by unnoticed and just when I think it has not been that long, I realize that weeks and even months have passed since I’ve poured out words. And in that quiet time, I’m restless and wanting and immovable. A nagging, a twitch, a grumpy demeanor that I see and feel. […]

Reflections on the M-14 Overpass

Driving home tonight on this familiar stretch of road I’m tempted to give into the highway hypnosis…allowing my car to go into autopilot…to ignore the journey to home.  But as I begin to crest the M-14 overpass, I’m struck by the memories that overtake me of this ordinary stretch of pavement.  Sheryl Crow sings that […]

Do It Afraid

I’ve been paralyzed lately – unable to write, unable to look back to process and deal with painful experiences.  My fears have overtaken me enough that I’m not doing the things I want to do and even love to do.  It seems I’m frozen in this place because I’ve chosen to accept a cheap, plastic […]


Fall colors are just about to peak here in southeast Michigan as they do roughly around the first to second week of October every year…typical. But there is something about this year that is just so drastically different. This transition from summer to fall was so slow and deliberate for me this year. It was […]

When We Don’t Understand

It seems as though I have entered a season in my life when God is asking me to change, but the reason for the change is unclear. I am sitting here in the middle of things and changing each thing in my life one-by-one – knowing that is what He wants and yet not understanding […]

The Lilies I’ve always enjoyed wandering in the yard of my childhood home discovering new things. I’ll never forget those first couple of years living in our current home and learning about the plants in our yard. I was excited to find one tiny lily of the valley plant that second summer. Such a beautiful […]

I Don’t Do Resolutions… …but I decided to resolve with my good friend / brother-in-law Kal (check out his Moblog and Kal in Space) to starting writing in the blog more often (detailed goals – a closely guarded secret). So for those of you who are still lurking around (thanks!) look forward to seeing new […]